JustSeen Loves…


Wow! Since our new update went out we’ve welcomed 1000′s of new users and with that we have really enjoyed seeing a huge amount of great pictures from around the world.

So… instead of keeping them to ourselves we decided to share them with the world too! Here’s a small selection of our favourites: -

We thought this selection was great! We really liked the picture that captured world renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino, ‘working’ on the streets of London. How great to get the ball of flames in mid-air!!?

But all of them, and so many more that we couldn’t show are absolutely fantastic photos, so please keep them coming!

We would love to show off more of your photos too so if you are not on JustSeen just visit the App Store and download our great App.

If you are on JustSeen then let’s have a look at your world through your eyes…

What have you JustSeen..?

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JustSeen 1.2 is now LIVE!!


A little bit of a gratuitous post…

Our latest version of JustSeen is now live and available on the App Store (http://bit.ly/14Nxohy)

We have worked really hard to update our test release and think the results are great! Check out what we have changed:

  • Image upload and download speeds are  20-30x FASTER!
  • We’ve added photo-filters for you!
  • Our new sign-up is super-easy and super-fast!
  • Our new design of the photo-feeds is… well you check it out!
  • We’ve added push notifications to let you know what’s going on…
  • Set your App to ‘Open in Camera Mode’ and never miss a moment.
  • We’ve added much more integration with Facebook. Invite your Facebook friends and share your JustSeen photos on your timeline
  • And there is our signature ‘Discover‘ page (just click the JustSeen logo on the top-right of your screen) where you can browse the content you want by keyword, category, location and even timelines!

And there’s a whole lot more that’s been changed to make the JustSeen experience even better for you!

Oh and most importantly… YOU own your photos! No tricks or hidden agendas…

But it’s not about us… it’s about YOU!

Please either update your App or download it and let us know what you think… We are always happy for you to reach out to us with feedback. Just drop us a line at support@justseen.com








Remember: It’s not just about photography, it’s about life!

What have you JustSeen?


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The Power of Photos


A picture has the ability to speak a thousand words, and you don’t always need additional content to understand the full story.

A photo without accompanying blurb leaves a lot to imagination, and this in itself makes us think a little more about its underlying significance. Photos have the power to change the way you see the world around you and remains a hugely powerful form of communication.

JustSeen | America's re-elected President & First Lady

The most striking example of the ubiquitous nature of mobile photography is the internet and even more so on smartphones.

Pictures throw open a window to a world outside our world. The realities of the streets draw us closer to the realities of life. It engages us to change our perspective and outlook towards the outside world. Who can forget the touching picture of America’s President and First Lady upon securing re-election? Photos like this affect us in so many ways, often changing the way we think and our perceptions.

Photos continues to occupy the interest of millions around the world. Those posts that you share on Facebook can’t be complete without an accompanying picture. Photos are so woven into our psyche that each time we get down to reading something, our eyes involuntarily look for photos. The world today, has many catalysts for change; one of them certainly is photography, especially mobile photography which allows all users to engage in photo journalism of their choosing.

What have you JustSeen?


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Why the hell would I leave Instagram?


We get it – 100 million users, cool photo-filters, hashtags, simple to use, you can share with Facebook…

But, hold on. What else is there?

Ummm – maybe you haven’t thought about this…

Now, why would you use JustSeen: -

1. Public Photo-Streaming AND Private Photo-Sharing

JustSeen allows its users to enjoy BOTH Public and Private Photo broadcasting. We have  a ‘Follower’ system (similar to Twitter, Instagram, etc.) BUT when you follow someone and they follow you back, JustSeen counts you as ‘Friends’ so when you share privately your picture will only go to these friends and will not appear in any public feed.

2. Tailored Contentyou choose what you want to see.

JustSeen has incredible search functionality – you can search the public photos based on any combination of keywords/#hashtags, broad categories (which you can also create yourself), location (down to a street) and even a timeline.

What this means is that you can choose EXACTLY the pictures you want to see and what’s even better is that you can save your search so that when you go back to it it updates the criteria and gives the most up-to-date results (unless you set a timeline of course!).

3. Photo Editing functionality

Most photo Apps limit the shape of your image – full screen or square – as it makes it easier to add filters and manage the image…

JustSeen allows you to crop your image as you want. Y