JustSeen Loves…


Wow! Since our new update went out we’ve welcomed 1000′s of new users and with that we have really enjoyed seeing a huge amount of great pictures from around the world.

So… instead of keeping them to ourselves we decided to share them with the world too! Here’s a small selection of our favourites: -

We thought this selection was great! We really liked the picture that captured world renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino, ‘working’ on the streets of London. How great to get the ball of flames in mid-air!!?

But all of them, and so many more that we couldn’t show are absolutely fantastic photos, so please keep them coming!

We would love to show off more of your photos too so if you are not on JustSeen just visit the App Store and download our great App.

If you are on JustSeen then let’s have a look at your world through your eyes…

What have you JustSeen..?

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JustSeen 1.2 is now LIVE!!


A little bit of a gratuitous post…

Our latest version of JustSeen is now live and available on the App Store (http://bit.ly/14Nxohy)

We have worked really hard to update our test release and think the results are great! Check out what we have changed:

  • Image upload and download speeds are  20-30x FASTER!
  • We’ve added photo-filters for you!
  • Our new sign-up is super-easy and super-fast!
  • Our new design of the photo-feeds is… well you check it out!
  • We’ve added push notifications to let you know what’s going on…
  • Set your App to ‘Open in Camera Mode’ and never miss a moment.
  • We’ve added much more integration with Facebook. Invite your Facebook friends and share your JustSeen photos on your timeline
  • And there is our signature ‘Discover‘ page (just click the JustSeen logo on the top-right of your screen) where you can browse the content you want by keyword, category, location and even timelines!

And there’s a whole lot more that’s been changed to make the JustSeen experience even better for you!

Oh and most importantly… YOU own your photos! No tricks or hidden agendas…

But it’s not about us… it’s about YOU!

Please either update your App or download it and let us know what you think… We are always happy for you to reach out to us with feedback. Just drop us a line at support@justseen.com








Remember: It’s not just about photography, it’s about life!

What have you JustSeen?


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The Power of Photos


A picture has the ability to speak a thousand words, and you don’t always need additional content to understand the full story.

A photo without accompanying blurb leaves a lot to imagination, and this in itself makes us think a little more about its underlying significance. Photos have the power to change the way you see the world around you and remains a hugely powerful form of communication.

JustSeen | America's re-elected President & First Lady

The most striking example of the ubiquitous nature of mobile photography is the internet and even more so on smartphones.

Pictures throw open a window to a world outside our world. The realities of the streets draw us closer to the realities of life. It engages us to change our perspective and outlook towards the outside world. Who can forget the touching picture of America’s President and First Lady upon securing re-election? Photos like this affect us in so many ways, often changing the way we think and our perceptions.

Photos continues to occupy the interest of millions around the world. Those posts that you share on Facebook can’t be complete without an accompanying picture. Photos are so woven into our psyche that each time we get down to reading something, our eyes involuntarily look for photos. The world today, has many catalysts for change; one of them certainly is photography, especially mobile photography which allows all users to engage in photo journalism of their choosing.

What have you JustSeen?


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Why the hell would I leave Instagram?


We get it – 100 million users, cool photo-filters, hashtags, simple to use, you can share with Facebook…

But, hold on. What else is there?

Ummm – maybe you haven’t thought about this…

Now, why would you use JustSeen: -

1. Public Photo-Streaming AND Private Photo-Sharing

JustSeen allows its users to enjoy BOTH Public and Private Photo broadcasting. We have  a ‘Follower’ system (similar to Twitter, Instagram, etc.) BUT when you follow someone and they follow you back, JustSeen counts you as ‘Friends’ so when you share privately your picture will only go to these friends and will not appear in any public feed.

2. Tailored Contentyou choose what you want to see.

JustSeen has incredible search functionality – you can search the public photos based on any combination of keywords/#hashtags, broad categories (which you can also create yourself), location (down to a street) and even a timeline.

What this means is that you can choose EXACTLY the pictures you want to see and what’s even better is that you can save your search so that when you go back to it it updates the criteria and gives the most up-to-date results (unless you set a timeline of course!).

3. Photo Editing functionality

Most photo Apps limit the shape of your image – full screen or square – as it makes it easier to add filters and manage the image…

JustSeen allows you to crop your image as you want. You can create a panoramic effect if you like, make it square or any dimensions you want. Even if you have already added a filter, JustSeen will adjust the filter to match the shape of the picture – We’re pretty proud of that!

Virtual Light Meter: JustSeen also allows you to adjust your image in the viewfinder by tapping the darker or lighter areas of the image. This will then adjust the exposure fo the picture, so if it is a little dark, tap on the darkest area of the image in the viewfinder and the image will lighten up. If it’s bright, tap on the lightest area and it will darken the image.

Once your used to this you can play with different settings. Come on – that’s cool!!

4. Feed Design

Now, with all of those different shapes of photo, we have a beautiful feed design which is just great to use – it looks great and moves away from a block of square images (like Instagram we hear you say… exactly!)

5. ReSeening

Sounds odd, we know, but what this means is that you can ‘ReSee’ a picture into your feed so that your followers can share the image. Who else does that?

6. Social

So with JustSeen you can share to Facebook and Twitter BUT you can also share by email and SMS text message.

You can find your Facebook friends on JustSeen AND invite them to join also.

Support us, and we will be adding more sharing down the line. (Email us to let us know what you would like: support@justseen.com)

7. You Own Your Photos

No funny business  your photos are just that… YOURS! We will never do anything with them without your express permission. Nothing hidden in small print, nothing you haven’t ‘Opted In’ to with clear your understanding and agreement.

And the Rest…

We have Photo Filters, Hashtags, Save to Camera Roll / Save to JustSeen Album, Likes, Comments, Fast Sign Up, Fast Upload, and so on.

Everything anyone would want from their photo-sharing / photo-streaming App.


So… when it comes to the question of why join JustSeen just think about the huge differences we are offering, the huge features we already have and the fact that with your support we can build a network with you and for you!

So keep an eye out for our JustSeen Official Launch in a few weeks time…

Sign Up to our Mailing List (on the right of this page) and / or ‘LIKE‘ us on Facebook

JustSeen | See the world through everyone’s eyes…

- What have you JustSeen? -

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The Impact of Photos on our Day-to-Day Lives…

What are photos if not snapshots of history. Not history in the ‘dusty old book sense’, but history in the vein of memories. Instances within our lives (and life in general) that are put into perspective.

We are surrounded by images everyday – in publications, on all forms of digital media, advertising and so on. The power of the visual image is huge! Much more so than we probably give it credit for.

What you have to think about is the ‘immediacy’ of the visual image – there is little or no need for translation. An image tells a story in seconds. the old adage of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ has never been more true, more relevant and uktimately more apparent.

So what does this for us on our own daily quests – do we take picture sof our trips to the market? Or at the garage when we fill our cars with fuel? Of course not…

Our days are (sadly, in some cases) not filled with instances of great relevance BUT…

We’ve all had those days when we have seen something interesting; something that you know you want to record and possibly share with a few contacts… or even the WORLD!

The photo-sharing / photo-streaming marketplace is a growing monster and there is room for much more growth.


JustSeen: new photo feed designAnd there’s a new kid on the block – JustSeen is the new photo-App that offers both photo-sharing (amongst friends and followers) and live photo-streaming to the world.

At the core of JustSeen‘s marketing message is ‘See the world through everyone’s eyes…’ and this strikes at the heart of this article; it is the growth of relevance of photos to our everyday lives that has seen the emergence of JustSeen as the ideal platform to see and share the world around us visually.

It is user-friendly, simple and offers a way in which to join a global community, from whom the world is highlighted in photos. Keywords and #hashtags make searching more definitive, but you can browse broad categories, search locations around the globe and even search specific timelines to define the photos you wish to see.

JustSeen is feature-rich without being ‘gimmicky’. Image editing is possible with cropping and filters but there is another message that JustSeen lives by:

It’s not about Photography, it’s about Life!

JustSeen with launch officially in a few weeks time…

To keep up to date, please sign up to our Mailing List (right of this screen) and/orLIKE‘ us on Facebook 

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What have you JustSeen?

A question for you: how many times have you started a sentence with the words ‘I’ve just seen…”?

Going out on a limb, you must have said it quite a few times and it probably related to a wide variety of different topics.

But the real question is: ‘Wouldn’t it be so much better and easier to be able to share that thought in actual pictures rather than stumbling through a wordy explanation that doesn’t quite reflect the true visual experience?’.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some form of ‘platform’ to be able to share those moments, or events in pictures…

Welcome to JustSeen

This is the new kid on the block… the next generation in photo-sharing coupled with photo-streaming. Not only can you share moments with friends, but you can also show the world what you have just seen too AND see the world through their eyes.

News can be defined in so many ways but in reality news is what you wish to tell someone. It’s YOUR news, and with JustSeen you can share that news visually; you can share the world around you with… well the world.

It brings back simplicity an allows you to define the content you wish to see. With simple indexing, you can choose your own streams of images based on keywords / #hashtags, broad categories, location and even timelines.

The hugely improved iPhone App will be launching in a few short weeks so keep an eye out for it.

OR… ‘Like‘ us on Facebook and keep up to date with our news.

Remember: What have you JustSeen?

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pho·to·jour·nal·ism (f t -jûr n -l z m). n. Journalism in which a news story is presented primarily through photographs with supplementary written copy.

Sounds serious, doesn’t it? But… it shouldn’t.

Our world today is dominated by visual imagery and with the growth of smart phones and ever-better phone cameras, we now have the tools to report the world to, well… the world!

The definition above mentions ‘new story’ and this makes it all sound like you have to be a journalist before thinking about broadcasting (or streaming) photos BUT you don’t.

Social networks have become the marketplace, where content as defined by the users can be shared on a global basis.

The key issue here is ‘content defined by the users‘. We can all now define the content we wish to share as well as being to choose the content we wish to see.

Throw a group of friends, family and contacts into the mix and ‘Hey Presto!’


This is the core of  what JustSeen is all about: a live photo-streaming App which not only allows you to share your experiences visually, but also allows you to browse through indexed images (using categories and #hashtags/keywords) to literally ‘See the world through everyone’s eyes…’

JustSeen: Social Photo JournalismImagine being in Tahrir Square in Egypt during the ‘Arab Spring’ and streaming photos to show what was actually happening… in real time.

No media company censorship, just the truth in pictures. As they say: Seeing is Believing…

Equally imagine hearing about events happening in another country – from real news to sport or events for example. JustSeen allows you to visually immerse yourself in that event through the eyes of others – groups of people offering different perspectives on the same event – visual opinions to accompany a visual voice.

So, keep up to date with the imminent official launch of JustSeen which will be in a few short weeks. Just sign up to our Mailing List and you will be notified when the JustSeen App is live.

…and remember: What have you JustSeen?


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JustSeen’s Official Launch is coming soon! And it’s Awesome!!

Wow – what a few months we’ve had.

The beta-testing phase was a real eye-opener and we learned a LOT! Now we’re just gearing up for the Official Launch of JustSeen with huge improvements to the App.

But what are they..?

We have made image upload speeds 20-40x FASTER!! Now you can upload your photos in between 5-20 seconds (depending on your connection).

We have add filters – YES FILTERS! – as we followed your feedback.

JustSeen Photo Filters


We have created TEN filters for you to enjoy so look out for filters including the TEE TEE, GIGI, PANDA, J-POW and WAGSTER.

We’re working on future additions so let us know what you think when we launch the latest version of JustSeen…




JustSeen Photo Feed Redesign


We have redesigned the photo feed to make it more attractive and easier to view tons of photos quickly.




What do you think..?


And there is a whole lot more that we have worked on to make your JustSeen experience the best it can be.

We’re really excited about the changes and improvement so we hope you’ll download and get snapping with the new official JustSeen App which will be available in the iTunes App Store in a few weeks time.

Remember it’s not about photography, it’s about life… BUT we’re here to help capturing those moments more enjoyable as well as much easier, much faster and much more regarding for you!

Whether you want to share your photos and live-stream them around the globe, JustSeen is more like TWO APPS IN ONE – if you and your friends follow each other, JustSeen considers you as ‘Friends’ which allows you to share PRIVATELY.

At the same time if you have some great pictures to share with the world you can post them publicly, attract loads of followers and let them see the world through your eyes…

Please drop us a line if you have any feedback – support@justseen.com

PLEASE sign up to our mailing List (on the right of the page) and we’ll let you know when the App is live and available on the App Store.

That’s all for now!

- The JustSeen Team -

“What have you JustSeen?”



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Filters: Photography or Life?

So Instagram gets snapped up by Facebook, Twitter and Flickr suddenly offer filters in their Apps and the world seem obsessed with ‘photo-shopping’ their photos on their phones.

The question is… why?

There is a school of thought that filters make people feel more brave about even taking a picture but does this lead to a deluge of very nice looking images of very uninteresting subject matter?

The other argument is that filters are a little like cheating. When we look at photo-sharing, isn’t the idea to share your visual experiences? Your ACTUAL experiences?

And is it necessarily about the quantity of image shared or actually about the quality of real moments that may impact armies of friends and/or followers.

Don’t get us wrong – we totally see the fun in modifying an image an maybe enhancing it to some degree but we think it will always be about the subject of the picture. How many pictures have we all seen of a coffee cup with a lovely filter layered onto it? Granted they’re great looking coffee cups but don’t we all really want to see what’s going on in the world?

We wrote before about the great photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was quoted as saying “Photography is nothing, it’s life that interests me…”.

And there you have it. Are filters about photography or about life?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject – let us know what you think about filters, but in the meantime, come and join us on JustSeen, see the world around you and get involved.

What have you JustSeen?

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New Year’s 2012

What a year 2012 was…

We have loved watching the growth of JustSeen and New Year really showed us some amazing images.

There were too many to list but we chose a couple of our favorites:

Thanks to Argi Stringaris for this great picture of New Year’s fireworks in Dubai

Don't Look Back...









And thanks to Tille Mair for this one – what a great message for 2013!

Keep your photos coming and we hope you have a fantastic 2013!!

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